mercredi 19 mai 2010



Allez nous sommes mercredi, donc c'est le jour du Whats on Your Workdesk Wedenesday!!!
Et tadam voici mon pitit bordelus!

Hello everybody and welcome on my blog!
I am sorry but my English is not on top, but I try that you understand me!
Today my workdesk look's like this!
Thank you on the English Girls for coming on my blog!
See you next week!!!

Merci pour la visite et pour vos com's!
Bonne journée

11 commentaires:

joey a dit…

Hiya Laetitia

fabulous creative desk


Clare *Littlebear* a dit…

Bonjour Laetitia.
Your desk looks very creative today.
Clare x

Mandy - Crafty Angel a dit…

le bureau créatif merveilleux cette semaine!

merci pour partager, hugs mandyxx

Tracy Evans a dit…

Very Creative desk today. Thand you for showing us your space. Tracy Evans x

Julia Dunnit a dit…

Perfect...busy and productive, just as a desk should be, and I love the cards in the first post, really they are great.

Wipso a dit…

Bonjour. You have a very busy desk today :-)
A x

Pam a dit…

Fab work desk very creative. Your LO is looking good. Hugs Pam x

Paula Gale a dit…

Votre bureau paraît aujourd'hui très créatif. Merci pour permettre nous de le regarder.

Au revoir

Paula x x x

Anonyme a dit…

eek! Your desk looks like mine with all the paint splatters! I have even burned my cutting mat lol! That was a sad day! Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Please come check out my new challenge blog! The first challenge starts Sunday, May 23rd. I hope to see you there! xo Kelli

Spyder a dit…

Sorry I'm late...that's the trouble with having to work Wednesdays!!
Loved my snoop around your lovely carft space and loads going on, still very tidy though!


Sue from Oregon a dit…

wow, i have never seen a long stapler like that!!!